Monthly Archives: February 2019

Episode 212 – Nothing like a bit of Brasso!

Gameboy refurbs

Airports – what do people use

Pressreader – best newspaper app

PS TV – bargain of a games system?

Razer Games store

Firefox – a decent alternative to safari/chrome/edge?

Steermouse (alt to Logitech options)


Museum of Brands

Brasso Gadget Cleaner – or is there an alternative?



Episode 211 – Sub £100 viable laptop?

Auphonic – podcast helper

Acer Aspire 1  A111 Laptop – £65 Argos – Ebay

Red Vita arrives from Japan

(Great channel for Vita tips)

Apple Pi Baker

Free legal us tv

Tubi – needs app

Crackle ok

Pluto tv – ok without app