Episode 194 – It’s a Disneyland for Meat

Busy, and expensive week, with the fallout of the Apple Keynote, and a home audio decision I hope I don’t regret.


Sonos Beam


Homerun HDR Silicon dust HDHR5-2DT HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO TV Tuner – Black











iPad Pros Podcast about Ferrite

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Episode 192 – It’s a RETRO thing

I had a week off this week, with a couple of days of relaxation in South Wales. Fully recharged and ready for hopefully a great show.

Upcoming Apple event

Retropie Website

Nintendo Cart Raspberry Pi Project

Hack a Sony PSP

Project Emu

Game Dev Tycoon (best price Steam £1.74)

Museum of Computing – Milton Keynes

Jack Ryan on Prime

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Episode 191 – Reaching New Heights


Blue Snowball Microphone

Karl Madden – Mac&Forth Podcast

iTunes Match – save money?

Three Phone Plan – £12pcm

New iPhones -what do I do?

Mac Mini – where next (2012 quad core models nearly £700 on eBay)

Plex – probably the best app in the world (Not just for Video – now podcasts too!)

Tello Drone

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Episode 190 – Pack it Up!

I Confess I'm a Geek Podcast

It’s finally here – the first episode for nearly 4 years!

The main topic for the show are the contents of my gadget bag.

Procase Gadget Bag

iPad USB Adaptor

Netgear MiFi

Amazon Fire Stick

Apple iPhone HDMI Adaptor

Xoami WiFi Extender

Three Roam at Home SIM card  

I also discuss my recent trip to the Genius Bar.

Plus I talk about an iOS app, a gadget and a recent bargain.

WiFi Plug
Amazon Prime

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The Start of a New Beginning


Hi there

Just a very short TEST podcast – testing my mic etc.

First big show will go up in the next week or so!

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Listen to my guest appearance with Karl, Dean and Alan on Mac&Forth.