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Episode 216 – Film ’19


Tonight’s show contains a few 5 second film reviews for some reason!

Episode 216.jpeg

CheapCharts: Your Media Deals by LollipApp GmbH


Apple Music launches on Amazon Fire TV, coming to Echo for UK users soon

Apple Music is finally coming to Amazon Echo speakers in the UK | Trusted Reviews

PowerPoint hacks you’ve never heard of

Roku Reportedly Close to Releasing AirPlay 2 Support –

reddit: the front page of the internet – export Notes??

Rumor: SEGA And Google Are Working Together On New Console

Thank Patreons

Matthew H. (Siri Shortcuts email)

Andrew C


Jason E

Episode 215 – Does WiFi blow away in the wind?


WiFi camera problems plaguing me this week – Does the wind blow it away?

Devolo powerline


Email from Nick


PS4 Remote Play app now available on iOS

Onecast Adds Support for R3 & L3 on new MFi Controllers

Google patent shows possible controller design for its game streaming service – The Verge

Episode 214 – Technological Disobedience

BritBox: BBC and ITV launch streaming service rival to Netflix – Sky News


Jerome Russell Bblonde Peroxide

Hard drive installation – Schuking a hard drive enclosure

Synology – Storage Pools?

New Apple products?

Airpods, iPads, iPhones etc

Jesse Howard

Technological Disobedience

Episode 212 – Nothing like a bit of Brasso!

Gameboy refurbs

Airports – what do people use

Pressreader – best newspaper app

PS TV – bargain of a games system?

Razer Games store

Firefox – a decent alternative to safari/chrome/edge?

Steermouse (alt to Logitech options)


Museum of Brands

Brasso Gadget Cleaner – or is there an alternative?



Episode 211 – Sub £100 viable laptop?

Auphonic – podcast helper

Acer Aspire 1  A111 Laptop – £65 Argos – Ebay

Red Vita arrives from Japan

(Great channel for Vita tips)

Apple Pi Baker

Free legal us tv

Tubi – needs app

Crackle ok

Pluto tv – ok without app



Episode 210 – Deanflix

Freeview by DTV Services Ltd

Channels ‒ Live TV by Fancy Bits, LLC

HD Homerun

Gameboy repairs – good idea?

Asus back from Czech Republic

Vita fail! Vita success!

Retromags – The Vintage Video Game Magazine Archive

Microsoft goodbyes

Zune media player

Media Centre

Windows Home Server





Windows 10 mobile

Surface RT

Microsoft Money


Flight Simulator


Episode 209 – Pig Ugly Apple Battery Cases!

What a cheep shot: Bird sorry after legal eagles fire DMCA takedown at scooter unlock blog

Apple Releases Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Qi Wireless Charging Supported!

88023 Blender – Netflix