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Episode 212 – Nothing like a bit of Brasso!

Gameboy refurbs

Airports – what do people use

Pressreader – best newspaper app

PS TV – bargain of a games system?

Razer Games store

Firefox – a decent alternative to safari/chrome/edge?

Steermouse (alt to Logitech options)


Museum of Brands

Brasso Gadget Cleaner – or is there an alternative?



Episode 211 – Sub £100 viable laptop?

Auphonic – podcast helper

Acer Aspire 1  A111 Laptop – £65 Argos – Ebay

Red Vita arrives from Japan

(Great channel for Vita tips)

Apple Pi Baker

Free legal us tv

Tubi – needs app

Crackle ok

Pluto tv – ok without app



Episode 210 – Deanflix

Freeview by DTV Services Ltd

Channels ‒ Live TV by Fancy Bits, LLC

HD Homerun

Gameboy repairs – good idea?

Asus back from Czech Republic

Vita fail! Vita success!

Retromags – The Vintage Video Game Magazine Archive

Microsoft goodbyes

Zune media player

Media Centre

Windows Home Server





Windows 10 mobile

Surface RT

Microsoft Money


Flight Simulator


Episode 209 – Pig Ugly Apple Battery Cases!

What a cheep shot: Bird sorry after legal eagles fire DMCA takedown at scooter unlock blog

Apple Releases Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Qi Wireless Charging Supported!

88023 Blender – Netflix

Screenshot 2019-01-21 09.02.42.png

Episode 208 – Down in the Mouth

Oh Dear! After recovering from flu, I now have toothache. Must be age – I’m falling to bits!

Asus repair – the bill is mounting up!

My brother buys an EV!  Eurosport 1p per month on Prime

TVPlayer: Watch Live TV Online for FREE

Show 208.jpeg

Get 12 Month Xbox Game Pass Xbox One cheaper | cd key Instant download |



Episode 206 – “Alexa, what did you get for Xmas?”

Den – Gadget Show

Philips Hue

wifi plugs – all same plug but price varies enormously from day to day. now on Apple TV!

Blue Yeti Nano

Mymate Vince on YouTube

IFixit Toolkit

GT Omega Racing Chair
Can you leave a review on iTunes?

Patreon – $35 dollars per month needed please



Episode 205 – Scrooge is back in time for Xmas!

Not feeling great – but I MUST put out a Xmas show!


Bought a nespi

Raspberry pi 3+

RetroRama 128gb image

[128gb] RetroRama Rampage v2 (RetroPie 4.4 Stretch) 9-2-18-James

Bluetooth 8bitdo controller

Arcade machine – no soldering!






Cabinet – bartop

Cash back sites


Top Cash Back

Reward cards





Cheap/free gifts – podcast gift, wallpaper design, pc software maintenance

List of podcasts – not just tech!

Quickly Kevin


No such thing as a Fish


Mystery Hour


Baker and Lineker


…and of course icimag 


Clear out – snapscan/oculus go are going

£1 on eBay

Bank switch


Local library – free music/audiobooks

Freegle to give stuff away 

Recycle phones

Old PCs into arcade machines/Plex/servers

Bargains at the moment

Fire stick 24.95

Echo 54.95 – no more dots! (better speaker!)

Episode 204 – eBay for profit not stress

This weeks Show is mainly made up of a little bit of a guide on EBay – buying and selling.- and doing it in a safe way.

I  also talk about emulation on the Nvidia Shield, with the addition of a GameCube adaptor, and controller.

Mayfish duo adaptor

Gamecube controller – free protection for your mobile device

Tell your friends about the podcast, and of course leave a review if you would be so kind?